Floating Bed by architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars (Universe Architecture)

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dEUS -The Architect / Bruis Maastricht 2010 / you2tab

25 Responses to Floating Bed by architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars (Universe Architecture)

  1. Finally! Someone has made a user-friendly bed!

  2. this reminds me of Sirens of Titan

  3. Thats amazing, it took you 6 years of Architecture education to realise that gravity is everywhere on earth. You Twat

  4. @xxgamer360xx I paused the movie just to research it lol

  5. and picking up where i left off in the last huge comment, so theres a huge magnet in the room that was once using its force to push off of each other (the two parts as designed to do) but now they are one part and it seems to me that the magnet would shoot out at the closest i beam in the wall and crush anything in between. idk. yeah idk

  6. sooooo…. also one more thing… so theres HUGE magnets involved here. and one is pushing off of the other…. because the poles of the magnets are opposing… but… what if somebody accidentally connected the two magnets? because i noticed by just messing around with magnets that they will flip thier poles if they are connected by an objec (or maybe i was more drunk than i thought) but yeah… idk. i just assume bad things could happen if there is a huge magnet in the middle of the room.

  7. so also at 1:15 you can see that its harnessed to the ground by the corners. its cool for sure but i thought it would be cooler. and i bet there will be a cooler one soon….

  8. “never weakening permanate magnets”?????? that is actually the problem with permanate mangets is that they infact do lose thier magnatism over time…. so while i know im not good at spelling, this is a bogus statement.

  9. @GanjaMunchman A skateboard tethered at each corner to the ground? Wow…rock and roll.

  10. good concept, crap video, audio compression is all over the place.

  11. I think their problem was not only in understanding how to make it fly but how to make it healthy for people!

  12. Why did it take them 6 years to figure out how to put a giant magnet under the

  13. heeey een nederlander! :D

  14. @BLuFLamE973
    Yeah :D

  15. @GanjaMunchman Back to the future 2 hahah

  16. Arthurs bed was better. 1.6 Million, really, for magnets? not even electro magnets.

  17. Nice
    The fear some express of being crushed by cables snapping and field pushing up is not only reason for the cables Look at the cables spread out configuration bed looks cool but if magnets are not centered the bed would have bigger tendency to shift sideways off magnetic field and would then crash to the ground

  18. @xxgamer360xx … hahaha, yes, I stopped the DVD and immediately googled “floating bed”!

  19. thumbs up if you came here because of the movie Arthur!!!

  20. now we just use this idea, and apply it to a skateboard.

  21. @mrfewz no problem

  22. @lopartino19 never thought of that, thanks for clearing it up

  23. @mrfewz actually I don’t think you would because it wors like this. a magnet has two poles, let’s call them A and B. As we all know iff we try to make pole A of a magnet and the pole A of another magnet get “glued”, we can’t they kind of float around. So the architect used this concept: We putted a magnet with Pole A faced up, and the a magnet on the bed with Pole A faced down. With this the bed will float. the cables are there to keep the bed from floating all over the room

  24. @MrTrollyrolly you can put anything you want on top of it so that includes, matresses and sheets. Unless they weight more that 2 tons

  25. it cost 1.6 millions us dollars……..

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