Papier architectuur Card Point to Paper Stockholms Arenan.wmv

Ontwerp, drukwerk en productie van een 3D-papier architectuur invitaion kaart. Ontwerp: Ingrid Siliakus Amsterdam Opdrachtgever: Pool Stockholm Zweden afdrukken: van Engelen Waalwijk Nederland Organisatie en productie: Point to Paper Waalwijk Nederland

NHTV Breda University Impression Studiengang Game Architecture and Design
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9 Responses to Papier architectuur Card Point to Paper Stockholms Arenan.wmv

  1. I haven’t released the mods for quake 3 though, If you want them then send me a message, I’ll make an installation guide and provide a download link

  2. I made a freezetag mod and a mod of a mod instaunlagged both version 1.32

    freezetag (railgun and gauntlet only), railjumping is possible.
    instaunlagged (railgun only mod) railjumping made possible, new bots, no need to use dedicated server, you can play this mod in single player, it’s very much fun vs the AI

  3. Ah cool dude. What mod did you make for quake 3? I actually still play quake 3 (Excessive plus mod)

  4. a few weeks after the interview i got a message that i still passed the assessment, I was very happy. It’s probably because of the programming/modding i do aside from the assignment. I made some quake 3 mods, a crysis mod and a mod for shift 2. You can see the shift 2 mod promotion on my channel ;) I’m planning to upload a new beta version with more possibilities. Only need to finish recording for youtube…

  5. Awesome dude :) . Did you have to attend some sort of interview? Or were you accepted into the program based on the portfolio?

  6. programming, I also got through! I’m very exited, hope to meet you next year

  7. Yep I got through. I’ll be studying Visual Arts. So excited, can’t wait!

    What do you study btw?

  8. did you get through? and what course did you want to do?

    I hope you made it!

  9. This looks fascinating! I hope I get through!

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