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Capriccio in a minor No. IV Op. 26 by Matteo Carcassi (1792 – 1853) performed by Alex Timmerman on a French Period guitar made by ROUDHLOFF FILS (Mirecourt – c. 1815). The guitar in the video is played in a manner true to the spirit of its time: on French prints, etchings and paintings made in the first quarter of the 19th century we often see the guitar players holding the instrument in position with a strap, of which the ends are attached to the head and the base of the instrument, around their shoulders. To be even more sure and precise while playing the right-hand little finger was often placed on the soundboard. To come close to the original sound of gut-strings this guitar is strung with newly developed ‘Nylgut’ strings made by the AQUILA ‘Corde Armoniche’ string makers Compagny in Caldogno, Vicenza, Italy. A video by Het CONSORT June 2011 ZWOLLE – Netherlands
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9 Responses to Beroepenfilm daktimmerman

  1. OrchestradiMandolini

    Hi @joringel84, How is your guitar playing developing? Hope to see you someday soon! Best from Zwolle.

  2. @OrchestradiMandolini Dear Alex,I admire your poise and secure sense of self when facing suggestions. I wasn’t suggesting that what you are doing’ is ‘inauthentic’ as no matter how many iconographical evidence shows Carcassi age guitarists plucking strings on or even ‘behind the bridge…’ you can rest assured that many did not. My suggestion was just based on my taste responding to this particular guitar and piece. Best wishes to you.

  3. OrchestradiMandolini

    Hi @Totma11, Thanks for commenting. It gives reason to think. Personally I like the overall sound of this guitar. But your indication of playing it with (Quote) ‘more ponticello and quasi-ponticello tones’ leads me to re-think about what exactly the left-hand practise and position was at the time this music was composed. Likely more to the bridge than is shown here. Interesting to this is that this guitar has a very old pink spot near the bridge indicating a ponticello preferance. Thanks!

  4. This Roudhloff is so weighty in fundamental, cloudy in lower mid range tones, and lacking in an overtone celestia, I would enjoyed it much more if you have blended more ponticello and quasi-ponticello tones in with it to get more luminescence into the sound. That said: Thank you for sharing the guitar with us!.

  5. victorkioulaphides

    Excellent playing! As for the piece itself, I still believe that no one ever understood the mechanics of the guitar better than Carcassi— a true master!

  6. still can’t do it as well as you do, hahaha! nice playing!

  7. Very nice Alex, I like this guitar and your playing!

  8. nicely done bravo!

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