Pentagon witness, Tim Timmerman, CNN, 13:49, 9/11

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13 Responses to Pentagon witness, Tim Timmerman, CNN, 13:49, 9/11

  1. @chillyrooster That’s not quite what he said – the helicopter comment was an analogy if you listen back…

  2. Someone needs to investigate to see if a Mr. Timmerman “the pilot” did indeed live on the 16th floor somewhere in the vicinity of the pentagon on 9/11 and if so why he wasn’t asked to do more interviews with all of his superior knowledge and eye-witness account information. Smells like a load of crap to me!

  3. This idiot said, the plane hit the ground and the wings flew forward, basically sayin’ it broke apart. The ground didn’t have the crash mark like other typical plane crashes. It didn’t have it outside and from photos, it didn’t have any ground markings inside. This idiot is a CIA plant. He assumed it from his knowledge of how planes crash when they hit the ground. No evidence of it hitting the ground.

  4. he happens to be a PlLOT LOL

  5. LMAO so close Llke lookln at a HELlCOPTER!!!!!! cuz lt was a fucklng HELlCOPTER wlth a MlSSLE

  6. What we could think about is…
    Condoleezza Rice said, “No one ever imagined a domestic airplane could be used as a weapon.”
    WTF!!?? Yet we know darn fine that…
    Someone in the government had not only thought about it, but even created a mock exercise complete with little model buildings, planes, and even rescue vehicles on the scene. Just look up “PROJECT MASCAL”..
    Or.. NORAD’s Vigilant Guardian, Northern Vigilance, NC Exercise…
    Coincidence?? Whoops!? She obviously missed the memo’s.

  7. @bornintothis456 He is a PILOT. I’m not a pilot but I have a interest in aviation so I can tell many aircrafts apart, especially military aircrafts.

  8. How on earth would he know what type of plane it was, ridiculous, this Timmerman apparently can’t even be substantiated is a real person.

  9. Google this Mark humprey 911 actor from iron eagle 2 google Bertha champagne Google earth flight 93 crash site same hole no plane last youtube building 7 and type in 5 dancing israelies and know u been had go back 2 sleep

  10. 0.50 ‘Most of the energie was dissapating when hitting the ground’.

    Show me the spot please.

  11. ‘troofers’ are such morons……

  12. bullshit (liar), NOTHING hit the helipad.
    it was missile that hit the building.

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